Developing Nevada Entrepreneurs

The Mountain West Tech Accelerator is the multi-stage process where you will receive and learn:

Idea Creation & Customer Validation
Start-ups will learn the process of creating their idea and validating whether their idea has market potential.
Team & Company Formation
The the program, start-ups will learn how to build an effective team and create the appropriate corporate structure.
Product Development and Distribution
Start-ups will define a product road map and guidance on how to sell, market and distribute their products.
Prototyping, Supply Chain, & Limited Production Manufacturing
Start-ups will create a commercial prototype and develop manufacturing for limited production orders including suppliers in Asia.
Go to Market Strategy, Bootstrapping, & Fund Raising
Start-ups will develop and execute their entry market strategy. In addition to bootstrapping operations they will learn about fund-raising, financing and pitching to investors. Mountainwest will also introduce them to investors.

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